Thursday, February 5, 2009

Introduction to OsteoDenx

Nikken's Bio-Replenishment is a concept that is different from conventional nutritional support.

Bio-Replenishment, in contrast to ordinary dietary supplements or drugs, offers products based on the body's own biochemicals, its internal building blocks. Bio-Replenishment is designed to enhance the use or synthesis of these materials, to support the physical processes that keep us alive and healthy.

Replenishment theory is well known in biology and medicine. With Bio-Replenishment, Nikken applies this principle to daily, personal health care.

Testimonials on the Benefits of OsteoDenx.

Many people report various benefits from OsteoDenx, ranging from decreased symptoms of Osteo Arthritis and Restless Leg Syndrome to increased quality and quantity of sleep, and improved hair and nail growth and skin quality.

OsteoDenx benefits not only bone health, but also the rest of the body.

Who Should Take OsteoDenx?

Osteodenx is targeted for women over the age of 35 especially those who have had children, men over the age of 40, and anyone who is putting extra stress on their bodies, either due to unhealthy habits or strenuous exercise. Obese people, both children and adults, put extra stress on their skeletal systems, and therefore, would also benefit from Osteodenx and a calcium supplement.

A Simple Business Model

Dave Balzer describes Osteodenx as a product that is "proprietary, patented, and has benefits for bone health that no other product...has". We have a responsibility to educate people about this natural alternative to the popular pharmaceuticals, and also to work in tandem with the medical professionals so that they understand what OsteoDenx has to offer.

OsteoDenx is a safe, natural and effective product that works with the body's natural process of bone regeneration.